Farmers' and Arts and Crafts Market

Spring comes

Many herbs and flowers find their place on our Eco Farm. We live in symbiosis, because each can benefit from the other. The Fontis bees enjoy the flowers, the seeds have the opportunity to disperse and our guests can enjoy the true nature.

Soon we will start with the pre-breeding in the greenhouses, so that then our little children will come as soon as possible out into the open field on our Eco Farm. From the field to the plate... you can't get fresher than that.
Enjoy the fresh products at our breakfast and afternoon buffet.
Our tip for you at home!

Ladybug larvae in your own garden
Proverbially the ladybug brings luck to the one who finds in or also in the own garden resident. Quite practically, then, it can indeed be called a stroke of luck that these animals make a significant contribution to keeping pests at bay. Both the ladybug and its larvae prefer to feed on the number one garden pest - the aphid.
Few animals can make an enormous contribution to containing an infestation.


Hotel Quelle

The source of calmness. Diversity. Joie de vivre. The unique 5-star wellness hotel in the South Tyrolean mountains – at the source of wellbeing.

Chalet Salena

Somewhere to recharge your batteries in the Alps; a place dreams are made of. Your own Mountain Spa Chalet in the Gsies Valley: enjoy peace and cosiness in perfect harmony.


Noble design, pure well-being, unconditional luxury – enjoy a sublime stay at Fontis.