Stegen market

Once per year people from all over South Tyrol pilgrimage to Stegen, a small suburb of Bruneck in order to visit the biggest market throughout Tyrol.

"If you want to overwinter well..."

The Stegen market takes place every year in October and attracts visitors, marketers, traveling merchants and the colorful attractions of the pleasure ground "Luna Park". During three days you can bargain for all goods you may need for the long winter – from tractors to honey.

The 26th October is the so called "Austrian day", because in Austria it is a holiday and therefore many guests from there come to visit the Stegen market. Originally the second day was the "main market" or the "cattle market" because there were sold animals. The third market day was the "people market" because once menials and maidservants used it to seek work.

"If you want to overwinter well, you have to go to the Stegen market" – says an old local proverb. We don’t know if this is really true, but nevertheless you should see the hustle and bustle of the Stegen market at least once.

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